The story begins 10 years ago, when Ben (Co-fonder & Shaper) went to live in Scotland for a few months. One night, like many other nights, well, okay, like every night, Ben is at the pub with his friends, drinking a good whisky and listening to the folks of Inverness.

That's where he met Timmy Mackenzie, who became a friend. The old man became very fond of Ben and treated him like a son. They spent a lot of evenings talking about Scotland, Whisky and life.

When Ben left Scotland, Timmy asked him a favour:  to bear his name as he  never had any legitimate descendants.

So Ben went back, he decided to add Timmy's name - not legally - but anywhere he could so to keep his promises. All Ben's friends do not know the story but everyone knows Ben as Benoît Mackenzie Formet. The Surf Skates he makes today is an ode to Timmy and Scotland!

So the garage became a workshop, the prototyped surf skates become actual products and the story begun. The Mackenzie Skateboarding company was born!